Beyond the Sirens believes in the power of community. We cannot overstate how much establishing relationships with each other is. We do not want to be seen as a business looking at ways to exploit the customer. Beyond the Sirens aims to use the power of community in every endeavor we undertake. It is our commitment to give back to the First Responder Community. Take part in our free community today.


Tyler Mckinzey

In some circles, I go by the nickname Berry, from my service in the Fire Department. With more than a decade of experience in the 911 prehospital environment, I have never lost my love for the unique service we provide the community. Since I was a a little kid, I dreamed of flying. To my surprise, my ability to fly came true. I currently fly in the Critical Care Setting, with my primary role deticated to providing services First Responders.

-Certified Flight Paramedic (IBSC)
-National Registered Paramedic
-University of Florida Crtical Care Paramedic Certified
-AS Emergency Medical Services
-NRP Provider
-AHA Instructor

Meet the Medical Director

Board Certified Emergency Physicians

Marshall Eidenberg DO

Dr. Eidenberg brings a long list of experience in the world of medicine. From his humble beginnings as a EMTs, he pursued the calling of becoming a Physician. Dr. Eidenberg also selflessly served our country in the capacity of a Physician with tours of Duty in areas of conflict.

-Board Certified Emergency Physician
- Chief Medical Officer
- Military Residency at Brooks Army Medical Center
- ATLS provider

Elite Instructors

Beyond the Sirens has partnered with high qaulity, passionate, experienced educators, that make our courses so special. Lets see what we me mean:

Lead Critical Care Educator

Kuo Reese FP-C, NRP, CCEMT-P, B.S.

20 years prehospital experience in private, fire and hospital ED. Graduated from George Washington University with a degree in EMS Management. Current flight paramedic, Mobile Stroke Unit critical care paramedic and ground specialty care paramedic/critical care paramedic. I have been teaching for the last decade or so in AHA, NAEMT and am currently a NEw York State CIC. Started in Los Angeles County and am a graduate of the UCLA Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program.