We believe that it's the people that make a community. We embrace this idea so much that, everything we do, is centered around fostering relationships and valuing the individual rather then $$$. Beyond the Sirens has a team of amazing, passionate, experienced clinicians, that subscribe to the idea that we can provide education to the person, not your wallet.


Tyler Mckinzey

In some circles, I go by the nickname Berry, from my service in the Fire Department. With more than a decade of experience in the 911 prehospital environment, I have never lost my love for the unique service we provide the community. Since I was a a little kid, I dreamed of flying. To my surprise, my ability to fly came true. I currently fly in the Critical Care Setting, with my primary role deticated to providing services First Responders.

-Certified Flight Paramedic (IBSC)
-National Registered Paramedic
-University of Florida Crtical Care Paramedic Certified
-AS Emergency Medical Services
-NRP Provider
-AHA Instructor

Meet the Medical Director

Board Certified Emergency Physicians

Marshall Eidenberg DO

Dr. Eidenberg brings a long list of experience in the world of medicine. From his humble beginnings as a EMTs, he pursued the calling of becoming a Physician. Dr. Eidenberg also selflessly served our country in the capacity of a Physician with tours of Duty in areas of conflict.

-Board Certified Emergency Physician
- Chief Medical Officer
- Military Residency at Brooks Army Medical Center
- ATLS provider

Elite Instructors

Beyond the Sirens has partnered with high qaulity, passionate, experienced educators, that make our courses so special. Lets see what we me mean:

Lead Critical Care Educator

Kuo Reese FP-C, NRP, CCEMT-P, B.S.

20 years prehospital experience in private, fire and hospital ED. Graduated from George Washington University with a degree in EMS Management. Current flight paramedic, Mobile Stroke Unit critical care paramedic and ground specialty care paramedic/critical care paramedic. I have been teaching for the last decade or so in AHA, NAEMT and am currently a NEw York State CIC. Started in Los Angeles County and am a graduate of the UCLA Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program.